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Considering joining the street team?
If so, ask yourself a couple of questions.
Do you like RADT? Do you want them to play in your town more often? Do you get involved in your local hardcore scene? Do you or would you like to set up shows in your area? Will you pass out fliers, demos, etc. to all of your friends (PASS OUT not keep them for yourself asshole)? Will you flood web boards and spam people in the name of RADT or Will you promote and plug RADT whenever humanly possible? Would you get a RADT tattoo, cut off your left nut (if applicable) and sacrifice your first born for RADT?

If you answered yes to the last question, you're a fuckin weirdo--except for the tattoo part. If you answered yes to most of the other questions, fill out the following form and we'll get ahold of you soon to tell you how you can help. As always, your hard work will not go unrecognized. Maybe it will be an unreleased recording, t-shirt, show admission--who knows. I guess it depends on the caliber of the work performed but we just want to stress that if you help us we won't forget you. Thanks.

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
I work at work at a record store, venue, music
store, label, skate shop or something related to music
Current Educational Status
Middle/High School
Fuck School, I'm out.