Check for in-depth info in the near future. For now, here's a very simple bio.

Right Arm Death Threat is a hardcore band from Northwest Indiana that has been attacking the underground scene across the Midwest. Formed in 1999, original members Jarron (vocals), Joe (guitar), Dave (bass) and Kenny (drums) set out to create a local scene while creating hardcore with a positive message. By throwing low budget shows in local rental halls, the band quickly expanded it's and the scene's fan base from 15 to 200 in less than 4 months. Since then, the band recorded and released a self-titled demo CD and the shows kept getting bigger and bigger including numerous stints at Chicago's legendary "Fireside Bowl". Over the course of the past 2 years, the band has opened for the likes of many major hardcore bands including: Reach the Sky, Shutdown, One King Down, Diecast, God Forbid, Thursday, No Innocent Victim. In recent months, RADT has been featured on numerous record compilations including: In 2001 Kenny decided to leave the band. After several temporary drummers, Eddie Cantu became the groups permanent drummer. The future looks bright for this band and with recent meetings and contacts from several hardcore labels, who knows what can happen.

Right Arm Death Threat is...
Jaaron - Vocals
Joe - Guitar
Dave - Bass
Eddie - Drums
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