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We have buttons now, they are two for a dollar...

Also, the new comp from HAPPY COUPLES NEVER LAST RECORDS is called "Relics of Ordinary life"....
It can be picked up on the happy couples never last website
Other bands on it include: SUICIDE NOTE, MARA'AKATE, EULCID and other indiana bands.

We've just completed the first weekend of the studio with success. We've got the basic tracks laid down for three new songs and a cover of the Vice Dolls song "SICKENS ME"....
We will be mixing and mastering in mid february.....
Hopefully will be out by late march early april.....

Well first off happy new year to all! Now the news, RADT is playing a TON of shows this year so try and catch them, go to the show section to find out where they will be at next, and if you want to book radt please contact us

RADT will be going into the studio to record their half of a new split record with the vice dolls on Jan. 26th and 27th. Each band is doing 3 new originals and a cover of one of each others songs. Look for that hopefully in March.

In other releases, RADT will be appearing on the new Happy Couples Never Last label comp (out this winter), and will be on the upcoming comp. from Turkeyvulture records (out early spring). That is all the news for now, stay posted to for more news, shows, and general bullshit....

RADT has a new drummer. His name is Eddie Cantu(EX-Backup)

RADT was recently featured in the Westville Indicator

RADT is NOW working on new material for their split with The Vice Dolls, which is slated to be recorded in the begining of February.

New Merch coming ASAP. Come to a show and hopefully we'll have it by then.

New Audio is posted.

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